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int main()

“The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it’s too late.”
Seymour Cray

It’s an interesting activity, programming. Gives you the butterflies if you think about it: a piece of electronic equipment can be made to so many interesting things, only if you know what it can do, and how to make it do so.

It’s not easy though to learn good programming. It’s so much easier to become a crappy coder.

I know the tiniest amount about this majestic art. But I’m willing to learn. And what better way to learn, than to share whatever I’m picking up and doing, with as many people as I possibly can. There are 2 things I can gain:

  1. If I have to discuss my style, my code, or my thinking, I’ll at least be marginally critical about it, which is way way better than accepting things without scrutiny.
  2. The better reason: I hope that as often as possible, someone might point out a better way to accomplish the task at hand. PRICELESS!!

Plus, I won’t be feeling like I’m on a solo mission-to-mars with no one to tell my stories to 😛

(Phew. The first post is so much tension.)

Lets Code!!

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